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GREEN OR RED | Thai Green Curry or Thai Red Curry

Thai food recipes

GREEN OR RED | Thai Green Curry or Thai Red Curry


A commonly asked question when people are at a Thai restaurant is, “What should I order Thai Green Curry or Thai Red Curry?” So what are the differences between these two delectable and distinctive Thai dishes?

Thai Green Curry is fresh, lovely with a punch of spices. It is slightly sweeter and mellow at the beginning but the heat will kick in after the first bite. It is truly tantalising and definitely awakens your taste buds. This is why Thai Green Curry is everywhere. It is a very popular .

Thai Red Curry is a bit more straightforward. But it depends on the cook, Thai Red Curry has a warm gentle heat all the way through. Authentic Thai Red Curry paste is often used which has sun dried red chilli (Fresno family), which provides a smoky aroma and is less spicy than the bird’s eye chilli that is commonly used in Thai Green Curry.
Although, it is less popular, Thai Red Curry paste is very versatile; Thais create various dishes from the red curry paste. For example: You can use the paste as a spicy stir-fry sauce, mix the paste with coconut milk and spread it over fish and then fry it until crispy or marinate the fish in red curry paste before baking. Or you can blend the fish flesh with curry paste, roll it up like to make a patty and then fry the mixture to create Thai fish cakes.

You can find plenty of Thai Green Curry or Thai Red Curry paste stalls in Thailand markets. What you can see is, mountains of colourful freshly made curry paste. You can buy as much or little, as you need.

If you still can’t decide which curry is for you. The best way to find out, (which one is best for you is to actually compare these two recipes side by side) and if you are up for it! Feel free to create these fresh and delicious Thai curries at home. Both recipes are for Vegan/Non Vegan and also Gluten free. Check my other easy Thai food recipes at

   Homemade Vegan Thai Green Curry Paste

 Serving: This recipe will make approx. 300 gram of the paste.


                  150 gram                                 Red onion-chunky chopp

                  3 clove                                      Garlic-peeled

                  30 gram                                    Lemon grass-chunky sliced

                  50 gram                                    Green chilli-chunky chopped

                  20 gram                                    Coriander

                  1 tsp.                                          Lime zest

                  1 tsp.                                          Oil of your choice (I used garlic infused oil)

                  1/2tsp                                        Ground nutmeg

                  1/2tsp                                        Ground cumin

                  1/2tsp                                        Salt

                  1/2tsp                                        Sugar

                  1/2tsp                                        Coconut sugar

                  1/2tsp                                        Ground black pepper



-Put all the ingredients in an electric blender or uses an electric handheld blender. Blend until all the ingredients combined.

-Transfer this green luscious Vegan Thai green curry paste into the sterile empty glass jar. Keep it the fridge and use within 1 week. Alternatively, transfer the paste into the ice cube tray, freeze and use within 1 month. Usually, you will need about 2-3 tablespoon/cube per one big serving.


-You can use 1 teaspoon of sugar if struggled to find the coconut sugar.

-Look out for my delicious Vegan Thai Green Curry recipe, which use this Vegan Thai Green Curry Paste.

-Can’t wait that long? Click Grilled Vegetable Thai Green Curry for an instant recipe now.

Homemade Vegan Thai Red Curry Paste

Serve: This recipe will make 4tablespoon:To make 1 portion of curry


   1                                        Big Red Chilli

   1tsp                                  Ginger puree

   1tsp                                  Lemon grass puree

   1tsp                                  Rapeseed Oil

   2/3tsp                              Lime zest

   1/2tsp                              Ground cumin

   1/2tsp                              Ground coriander seeds

   1/4tsp                              Salt

   1/4tsp                              Ground pepper

   50gram                            Red Onion-chunky chopped

   4 stalk                              Fresh coriander leaf


– Clip the red chilli with the scissor to create a tiny hole.

– Put the red chilli into non-slip frying pan and fry the whole chilli without oil to create slight char effect on its skin. Then remove it fro the heat and cut the stalk out.

– Put the chilli, ginger puree, lemongrass puree, lime peel, ground cumin, ground coriander, red onion, salt, pepper, and 1/2 teaspoon of rapeseed oil into the electric blender. Then blend until all the ingredients combined and form paste (I used an electric handheld blender).

-Transfer the paste into the sterilise glass jar. Drizzle the rest of the rapeseed oil on top. -You can use it to cook your Thai Red Curry straight away. Otherwise, keep this homemade Vegan Thai Red Curry Paste in the fridge for no longer than 1 week.



– The reason why we create the hole on the chilli is to prevent any burst when it is heated. However, please do take care when you fry the chilli as it can easily pop.

– Check my Vegan Thai Red Curry at

-You can also create a few Thai dishes from this Vegan Thai Red Curry Paste i.e. Stir-fried the paste with your choice of vegetable and plant based protein instead of making curry or to marinate other type of protein choice.

There you have it! The delicious Thai Green Curry or Thai Red Curry for you to decide. Happy Cooking!

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Author: Marni Xuto

*Thank you Liz Ewing from for a curry paste stall photo *

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