Grilled Vegetable Thai Green Curry (Vegan) | Vegan Thai Food
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Best Thai food

Grilled Vegetable Thai Green Curry (Vegan)

Ingredients for Thai green curry paste:

1                      Small red onion-roughly chopped

1                      Green Chilli-roughly chopped

1tbs                 Lemon grass purée

3 pieces          Lemon peel

10stalk            Coriander

1/4tsp.             Salt

1/4tsp             Ground Nutmeg

1/4tsp             Ground Cumin

1/4tsp             Ground black pepper

1/2tsp.            Agave Nectar

Ingredients for curry:

1/2                   Big courgette-sliced

1/2                   Big aubergine-sliced

1/2                   Carrot-sliced

1/2                   Red pepper-sliced

1-2tbs              Olive oil

1tbs                  Coconut oil

220ml              Thai coconut milk

15                     Basil leaf

1/2tbs              Soy sauce

1/2tsp.             Sugar

1/4tsp.             Salt

1/4tsp              Lemon juice


– Put the red onion, green chilli, lemongrass purée,lemon peel, coriander ,honey salt,nutmeg,cumin,black pepper in an electric blender. You can also used a handheld electric blender and blend until the mixture form into paste.

– Mix the olive oil with all vegetables then season it with a pinch of salt and pepper.

– Put the vegetable under the grill. However, I grilled mine about 3 minutes each side on the griddle pan for a lovely charcoal effect. Rest the vegetables on the kitchen towel once they cooked

– Heat the coconut oil with 3 tablespoon of the curry paste until sizzling, then add the coconut milk , soy sauce,sugar. Wait until this liquid mixture bubbling and simmer further about 10 minutes. Stir gently.

– Add the vegetables and simmer for 5 minutes.Then add the basil leafs and lemon juice.

– That is it…. job done. Serve this Grilled Vegetable Thai Green Curry(Vegan)with steamed Thai Jasmine rice , also good with a warm roti.


*Freeze the rest of the curry paste for next time.

*For non vegetarian, why don’t you serve this Grilled Vegetable Thai Green Curry with a fresh grilled mackerel? And..also a good glass of white wine or a pint of beer 🍻 Choose your pick.😉

Best Thai food

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