Vegan Tofu Pad-See-Ew | Vegan Thai Food Recipes To Enjoy Thai Food
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Easy Thai recipes

Vegan Tofu Pad-See-Ew

Serve:                                    2


70 grams                 Tofu of your choice (I chose fried tofu)

150grams                Cooked thick rice noodles

100grams                Mix stirs fry vegetable

2                                Garlic clove-finely chopped

1tbs                           Coconut oil

1tbs                           Dark soy sauce

1tbs                           Light soy sauce

1tsp                           Coconut sugar

1/2tsp                        Sugar

1/4tsp                        Ground white/black pepper

1handful                    Cashew nuts

1pinch                        Salt


-Mix the dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, coconut sugar, sugar in a small bowl. Set it a side.

-Heat the coconut oil in the frying pan, and then add the garlic and tofu. Fry them together for a couple of minutes.

-Add the rice noodles, soy sauce mixture, ground pepper and vegetable into the same pan. Stir all the ingredients well for approx. 4-5 minutes.

– Transfer the Vegan Tofu Pad-See-Ew  onto the serving plate, top with the cashew nuts and a little pinch of salt.


-Thais serve this Vegan Tofu Pad-See-Ew with the four condiments. Hence, the dinners can just season the dish as how they like ,without the cook become offended.

-Not Vegans? Feel free to replace tofu with the meat of your choice. It just as delicious.

Easy Thai recipes

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