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Thai Corn Cake

Thai Corn Cake



220 gram                   Fresh Corn Kernels

10gram                       Coriander

90gram                       Gluten-free flour

100ml                          Coconut oil

50ml                            Water

2clove                          Garlic

1                                    Egg

1tsp                              Baking powder

1/2tsp                           Salt

1/4tsp                           Ground cumin

1/4tsp                           Ground coriander seed

1/4tsp                           Paprika

1/4tsp                           Sugar

1 pinch                          Ground pepper



-Scrape the sweetcorn kernels from the cob and put them aside.

-Put the coriander, garlic, ground coriander seed, ground cumin, paprika, salt, pepper and sugar into the mixing bowl. And blend until the ingredients combined. (I used an electric handheld blender)

-Add the flour, baking powder, egg and water into the same bowl. Then use the handheld mixer to mix all the wet mixture and dry mixture together.

-Add the sweetcorn and use the spoon to fold all the ingredients together.

-Put the coconut oil in the frying pan. Wait till you can see the oil bubbled up.

-Use the tablespoon to scoop the mixture then fry the Thai Corn Cake in the frying pan. Usually, it will take approx 4-5 minutes on each side.

-Put Thai Corn Cakes on the kitchen towel and serve it with Sweet chilli sauce and salad.



– Adjust the frying time, according to the size of your Thai Corn Cake. I do like them rather small and crispy. Hence, tended to use a tablespoon or teaspoon.

-Thai Corn Cake is delicious with smoked salmon and poaches egg as a high protein breakfast. Happy cooking 🙋🏽.

Thai Corn Cake

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