Crispy Chicken And Mango Salsa | Healthy Thai Food to Enjoy
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Thai food online UK

Ingredients for Crispy Chicken and Mango Salsa

2                      Chicken breasts

1                       Medium egg

150 grams      Breadcrumbs

1 pinch            Salt

1/2 tsp            Paprika

1 pinch            Lemon zest

1 pinch            Pepper

2-3tbs             Coconut oil

Ingredients for Mango salsa

1                       Riped Mango-peeled, stoned and julienne cut the flesh

1/2                   Red chilli chopped

1/2                   Garlic chopped

1/3                   Onion thinly sliced

1/2                   Tomato

1tbs                  Fish sauce

1 and 1/2tbs   Lemon juice

1tbs                  Honey


– Butterfly the breast then flatten( I did it with the rolling pin ) seasoned with salt and pepper.
– Mix lemon zest ,paprika, salt,mint with breadcrumbs on flat plate. Put flour on the other flat plate and beat the egg in a shallow bowl.
– Put the chicken into flour then transfer to beaten egg and lastly cover in mixture of breadcrumbs.
– Heat the coconut oil in the pan to medium heat .Then place the chicken into the pan. Fried each side until becomes golden brown.
– Put the chicken in oven 200 Fahrenheit for 15-18 minutes.
– In the medium size bowl,put all salsa ingredients together and mixed well, then put aside.
– Once chicken cooked , sliced in pieces and put them on the little gems leafs which separately laid on the serving plate.
– To truly enjoy this Crispy Chicken and Mango Salsa. Use 2 tbs of salsa mixed to drizzle on the chicken and leafs. Put all the rest in a side bowl , so the diners can just add them as needed. 😋

Thai food online UK

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