Chicken in Garlic and Ginger Sauce | Easy Thai Food Recipes
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Chicken in Garlic and Ginger Sauce

Easy Thai recipes

Chicken in Garlic and Ginger Sauce



1                          Big chicken breast-diced

1tbs                     Ginger paste/puree

1tbs                     Light soy sauce

1/2tbs                 Coconut sugar

1splash               Dark soy sauce

2tbs                     Rapeseed oil

2                          Garlic clove-finely chopped

1pinch                 Ground pepper

1big handful       Spinach or vegetable of your choice


– Put the ginger paste, light soy sauce and coconut sugar in the bowl. Mix well.

– Heat the rapeseed oil and garlic in the pan, until the garlic turns slight golden brown in colour.

– Add the chicken and stir fry for approx. 4-5 minutes.

– Add the sauce mixture into the same pan and cook for further 3 minutes.

– Add a little splash of dark soya sauce and ground pepper.

– In a separate pan, flash fry the spinach with a tiny bit of oil until soften.

-Assemble the dish by put the Thai Jasmine rice, spinach then Chicken in Garlic and Ginger Sauce on the top. Serve immediately.

Tips: I do like to garnish Chicken in Garlic and Ginger Sauce with the tiny bit of  chopped red chilli and sesame seeds to make this dish more aromatic and prettier.

Easy Thai recipes

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