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Thai Style Omelette


3                           Extra large eggs

1handful              Spinach

2                           Baby plum tomatoes -halved.

3-4                       Basil leafs

1                           Spring onion -chopped

15grams              Feta or goat cheese(optional)

1tbs.                     Fish sauce

1tsp                      Oyster sauce

1pinch                  Sugar

1pinch                  Ground black pepper

1squeeze             Sriracha sauce(optional)


-Beat the eggs in the big bowl then add fish sauce, oyster sauce,sugar and mix vigorously for about 2 minutes or until slight foamy on the surface.

-Heat coconut oil in the pan,add tomatoes and spinach , cook gently until slightly soften. Turn the hop to medium heat ,then in goes the egg mixture.

-Scattered feta cheese ,ground black pepper and basil leafs half way before the eggs mixture is fully cooked.

-Depends on how would you like your eggs in the morning. I like Thai Style Omelette slightly soften which should take about 4-6 minutes before you can fold.

-I often lightly squeeze Sriracha sauce over the omelette and enjoy Thai Style Omelette.

Tips: Try Thai Style Omelette with baby leafs salad and add some cooked or grated fresh beetroots…yum!

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