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Desserts and Drinks

Matcha powder is a pure form of green tea originated from China. However, we will mostly find it being served in Japanese restaurant. It’sproven very popular among Thai. We put it in ice cream, drinks, cakes,Kit Kat(..I know)and don’t forget to mention Matchaface mask!My morning ritual is always involved, a cup of Matcha tea.Not only its pack full of antioxidant but also provide
caffeine fix without funny after taste/breathe like coffee does.

I do loveeee this delicate creamy dessert. It’s easy to make ( I am actually preparing this whilst cooking breakfast for my daughter! ) and the result is impressive. Let it set in a fancy tea cup ,so you don’t have to bother about turning it up side down when serve. Try this delicate creamy dessert 🍨 with a little hint of Thai.

I love this classic Thai dessert. It’s sweet , juicy with slight tanginess of mango goes very well with rich and creamy sweet glutinous rice. It’s perfect after a light and spicy main course as this dessert clean the pallete well.

It’s a trendy,healthy ingredient for people who love dessert (yes I’m one of them). I know Chia seeds since I was little. We called ” Med-mang-lug”. Thai people are often eat it with sweetcorn, toddy palm in syrupy water and crushed ice on top! Sound odd? This incredibly easy recipe is a much pleasing version for Chia seed virgin.

This fresh, luxurious and indulgent recipe is inspired from my favourite dessert with tropical fruits twist. It is perfect after the spicy, light Thai main course. The combination of mild aroma of coconut with velvety and creamy texture are like a dream. And not forget to mention the thin crunchy crust. Need I say more?

I secretly called it ..before payday dessert.  This sweet, creamy pudding will make you feel super guilt free 😉

This is another easy Thai cold dessert which is not often seen. It’s called “Woon-Ma-Prao” The creaminess of coconut milk jelly goes very well with sweet aroma of Pandanus leaf jelly. A perfect dessert for the super hot summer. A great alternative to ice cream.

It’s nearly summer , I really want to try and make a dessert to cool us down and this time I will give a ice lolly a go. Before we start let me introduce you to a new kid in town “Jack Fruit”. Its golden flesh and shaped like a pretty tulip it is sweet yet super fresh. I got mine in the can this time.


This is a great alternative for a sweet coffee shake. This drink has got a nutty taste but yet a super refreshing and packed full of nutritional goodness! I often drink this water before my morning workout. It’s so versatile ,you can serve hot or cold. Lotus root is a great source of vitamin c. It also contains iron, phosphorus, copper, manganese, calcium, sodium, and high in protein.

This easy authentic Thai dessert reminds me of my youth. I often had this warm pudding as a mid morning/afternoon snack. It is creamy, sweet and salty.  We serve this dish in a tiny bowl as the sticky rice can be quite heavy. But you can ask for more if you wanted to. It is also great after the light main course.Happy Cooking.

I drank this tea almost every other day, when I was in Thailand. It is sweet and creamy. You should accompany this drink with Cakoi. Most Thais like the cold version which balances well with Thai spicy dishes. It is quite high in sugar, so drink it in moderation…but at least you know what is in your drinks.

Autumn is coming to UK and I am after the guilt free dessert. This delightful and easy dessert is refreshing yet surprising comforting. Chilli flakes and lightly squeezed lime juice will lift this dish and clear the palette well. You can replace the mango with pineapple aswell. Happy cooking 👩🏻‍🍳

I have to put my hands up.Baking is not my forte, but I do find the wait in front of the oven is thrilling and result is very satisfying. Thailand is not famous of its baking but there is a type of cake that very popular. You can buy it from the street food stall. Pandan cake is light,fluffly and not too sweet, which is perfect for the hot climate. I uses Matcha powder instead of Pandan as surrender to its goodness.Happy cooking 👩🏻‍🍳

I would like to think that, this easy Thai dessert is pack full of nutrients.Additionally, it is gluten free.  The creamy , velvety from the sweet coconut milk, reminded me of my childhood….Having this dessert in front of the television, in my pyjamas, on the cooler winter’s night…Happy cooking 👩🏻‍🍳

This is such a lovely dessert breakfast. We tended to use the basil seeds in Thai recipes but Chia seeds is just as good. This Thai inspired recipe is super easy to make and pack full of nutritions i.e. calcium, iron,protein,fibre…Happy cooking 👩🏻‍🍳

This easy Thai snack reminds me of the sunshine in Thailand. It is one of the simplest desserts that I have ever come across. It is light yet very satisfying. Try to get the freshly cooked sweet corn on cob and young coconut. However, a good quality sweet corn from the can also works just fine. Happy Cooking

I know Rambutan is not the prettiest looking fruit but its natural sweet and beautiful flesh makes it one of my favourite tropical fruit. Granita is the easiest desserts ever! No cooking involves. It is so refreshing and clear the palette well which is wonderful after your heavy and spicy Thai meal.Happy No Cooking 👩🏻‍🍳

This Chilli sugar dip must be the simplest Thai condiment recipe. It is great after the aromatic Thai main course or as a snack on the hot summer day.  You might think it has got a lot of sugar but in fact, you can measure and control the amount intake which makes this Chilli sugar dip one of the most sensible Thai desserts that you can try. Happy cooking 👩🏻‍🍳


Scrumptious Dessert Is Coming Soon

Happy cooking 👩🏻‍🍳


Scrumptious Dessert Is Coming Soon

Happy cooking 👩🏻‍🍳