Coconut Panacotta - Thai Food Made Easy
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Coconut Panacotta

Coconut Panacotta



140g.      Coconut milk

150g.      Double cream

35g.        Sugar

2.            Gelatine leaf


– Soak gelatine leaf in the cold water.

– Gently heat coconut milk , double cream and sugar in a pot. Keep stirring until sugar is dissolved.Do not bring it to boil.

– Squeeze all the water out of the gelatine leafs.Then add the leafs into the mixture pot. Stir gently until gelatine leafs are dissolved.

– Sieve the mixture into a measuring jug to get rid of any lumps.

– Pour the coconuty creamy mixture into mason jar, tumbler or a cute tea cup.

– Chill the cups in the fridge until the mixture is set or at least 4 hours.

– Garnish with fruit of your choice. I topped with mango, raspberry and fresh baby mint leafs.

– Enjoy!


Try to get Thai coconut milk which is give you full , creamy flavour. I bought mine from an Oriental supermarket. Otherwise , organic coconut milk is your next option.