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Simply Delicious Thai Recepies


The city of Bangkok, where I was raised and born has one of the best street food territory in the world. You can pick up a fresh, tasty dishes at a very reasonable prices .So there was no need to cook then.

I am Marni
I am originally from Bangkok, Thailand. I am a mum ,recipe developer and a food blogger. My food journey is somehow slightly different than others, I did not grow up in the household that loves cooking …I can embarrassingly emphasise that the only cooking appliance we owned was a rice cooker.



I moved to UK 14 years ago and realized that my eating out habits had to change. Not only it can be expensive but also considered as unhealthy to eat take always in such that amount . This fortunate survival coincidence, taught me to cook at home and create the mouthwatering Thai dishes which are nutritional, delicious yet ..easy to make from the ingredients which you can buy from the mainstream supermarkets.


Fast forward to now and hear I am , spreading the word and reassuring everyone that we can create tasty Thai dishes from the minimal ingredients, simple methods with little effort … in the comfort of your own home. My aim is to create the simple delicious Thai dishes that everyone can cook and enjoy.