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How to cook Thai Jasmine Rice (Without Rice Cooker)

Jasmine rice is originally from Thailand and is commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking. This is a long grain variety of rice that has a subtle floral aroma and a soft, sticky texture when cooked. The grains are also shorter and thicker than basmati rice. Jasmine rice grown in this area has a fragrance and is very soft.

Jasmine is a medium to long grained aromatic rice, largely from Thailand. Once polished, Jasmine is one among thousands of white rice’s coming from different varieties.

I have been eating rice for as long as I can remember. Agriculture industry always plays a significant part in Thailand economy. Especially rice, Thailand produce and import rice approx. 20-25 million tons per year. Rice farmer or “Chao-Na” is a very important profession in Thailand but not always a popular job for new generations.

There are so many types of rice Whole grain; brown, jasmine rice retains the bran or outer husk. Brown jasmine rice is more nutritious and higher in fibre than the white, water-milled version. White jasmine rice is a starchy, refined food. But it contains fairly low calories compared to others. It contains some protein and very little fat. A 1/4-cup uncooked serving of jasmine rice contains 3 grams of protein and naturally gluten-free.

A long time ago, I visited a friend of mine who her family is a rice farmer. I remember a peaceful green field and everyone working physically hard to plant these wonderful crops. I was lucky enough to taste the fresh rice from her farm and it was a soft, gentle fragrance and rather fillings. There was not an elaborate meal. The main courses were some boiled vegetables, chilli paste and a steamed fish. But freshly cooked Thai Jasmine Rice made it one of the best meals that I’ve ever had. It just shows that the well-cooked rice could make a difference.

Although I am Thai but believe it or not, I have been using the rice cooker for all this time. The rice cooker is an essential cooking appliance as same as everyone have got a kettle and a toaster in every UK household.

I think it is about time that I need to get out my comfort zone and confront my fear…. To cook Thai jasmine rice without an essential rice cooker!

After a few trials … Tadahhh!!!! I found an easy way to cook Thai Jasmine Rice without the rice cooker yet remains the core character –soft, fluffy, slightly sticky but not mushy.

Thai Jasmine Rice   

 Serving: 3-4


                   35 gram                       Uncooked Thai Jasmine Rice

                   400 ml                         Water


-Wash and rinse the rice underneath the cold running water until the water turns clear or for approx 1 minute.

-Put the drained rice into the saucepan, then add the water into the same saucepan.

-Put the saucepan on the hob and bring it to boil. Once the water boiled, use the fork to gently fold the rice. Then put the lid on.

-Turn the heat down and leave it to simmer for approx 12-15 minutes.

-Open the lid and use the fork to gently fold the rice again.

-Voila! the fluffy and lovely Thai Jasmine Rice, cooked by you without the rice cooker.


-Do not overly fold the rice as it can easily go mushy.

-Sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of the desiccated coconut before serve. It will add a little magic to your home-cooked rice.

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Author: Marni Xuto

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