Thai Kitchen Staples | Easy Thai Food Recipes For Everyone To Enjoy
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Thai Kitchen Staples

Enjoy Thai food

Thai Kitchen Staples

My Thai Kitchen Staples.

Many of you may know that I  try my best to create the recipes which you can easily  buy the ingredients from your local supermarket. However, these are the essential items that you will need, in order to perfect your Thai dishes. My advice is, making sure these products are Thai’s brand (Especially, the fish sauce and Thai coconut milk). Thai products are most likely contain a high quantity of natural ingredients i.e. Thai fish sauce is contain more anchovies which provide the complex, intense flavours. Thai coconut milk claims that they added less/non guar gum than the usual supermarket brand. Alternatively, get an organic products. I tended to get these essentials  from my local oriental food store. Sorry, that I’m a bit bias but trust me it’s worth the journey.

Shopping List

1) Fish sauce
2) Oyster sauce
3) Thai Coconut milk
4) Ready made curry paste*
5) Thai jasmine rice

Good news! You can buy these herbs from your local supermarket.
1) Basil
2) Mint
3) Chillies red and green
4) Spring onion
5) Garlic
6) Lime or lemon
7) Ginger

Now, you are ready to rock ‘n roll

*P.S. Some people look down on ready made curry paste but trust me,
majorities of Thai people prefer shop bought curry paste than make it
from scratch. Life is too short guys!* Happy Cooking !

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